How to Remove Bloodhound.Olexe.2, Bloodhound.Olexe.2 Uninstall Guide

Detect Bloodhound.Olexe.2 but all attempt to remove it comes to no avail? Are you worried about your computer with it? This post will help rid you of this annoyance safely and quickly.

Bloodhound.Olexe.2 Information

Bloodhound.Olexe.2 is a newly-published Trojan horse which propagates through hacked websites,email attachments, peer-to-peer network or as bundles with freeware or shareware. Once the stealthy Trojan squeeze through system loophole, it will perfect its registry entries so that it can be activated once Windows gets started. As a sophisticated Trojan, Bloodhound.Olexe.2 will not only steal your personal data which is the key characteristic of its family, but also  severely affects your computer on different aspects including downloading and installing other malicious programs. Undoubtedly, if users leave it for long in the system, there will be a whole system collapse at last. So it’s important to completely remove Bloodhound.Olexe.2 once you detect it.

Bloodhound.Olexe.2 Malicious Tasks

  • 1. Gets access to the system without user permission.
  • 2. Violates confidential data acting as keylogger as well as from saved files and folders.
  • 3. Modifies Windows registry entries and other important system settings.
  • 4. Opens backdoor in the compromising system to invite more pests.
  • 5. Blocks legit antivirus program and sometimes even Windows Task Manager.
  • 6. Takes up lots of CPU resources to slow down other processes.

Why Bloodhound.Olexe.2 Comes back When It’s Supposedly Gone?

You are not alone to realize the cockroach feature of Bloodhound.Olexe.2. Each time the seems antivirus has killed the bug but when you reboot computer, it comes back. Some of its files are too small to detect and assisted by its self-repair function, the re-occurence is no surprise. So researches suggest you use manual method to get rid of Bloodhound.Olexe.2. Question again when you can’t find its presence in Control Panel. That is because the Trojan pretends to be legit program. But no worries – You can still follow below tips to Uninstall Bloodhound.Olexe.2.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Manually Remove Bloodhound.Olexe.2

1. Go to Task Manager and stop its process.


2. Search for and delete the following files related to Bloodhound.Olexe.2.

%UserProfile%\Application Data\[RANDOM CHARACTER].exe
%DriveLetter%\Resources\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe

3. Navigate to remove its associated registry entries.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows  NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\”Taskman” = “%UserProfile%\Application  Data\[RANDOM CHARACTER].exe”
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\”Taskman” = “%SystemDrive%\RECYCLER\[SID]\sysdate.exe”

div style=”text-align: right;”>How to remove registry entries of Bloodhound.Olexe.2

Notes: Manual removal is complicated job involved program files and registry entries. And there cannot be any improper deletion, or it happens that the system paralyze permanently. Click here to get help from a 24/7 online expert.


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